Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio – July 2017


Hello, counterfeiters.  Last month I prattled on about the types of inspiration I reach for – mostly on paper and not the Internet – when I want an idea quickly.  So it should come as no surprise to you that I tend to let paper collect around the studio.  Yes, it stacks up, it becomes a distraction, it gets stashed away.   Not always in a logical way.

In my rush to clear clutter and tidy the studio (like above), I tend to hide it in boxes, where it is forgotten. This goes for crafting paper, as well as note paper, steno pads, post-its, etc. This was proven to me in spades a week or so ago while I was sorting out memorabilia.  In several boxes that were meant to hold mementos, I found a bunch of other stuff!  Like what, you might ask:

1.)  Sketches, sketches, sketches printed off of various websites – including Page 7 from Jana Eubank’s old blog (don’t ask me about pages 1 – 6, I am clueless).  I tossed most into the recycling bin as I am sticking to using PageMaps and Pencilines and Creative Scrappers sketches contained in books and binders (minimizing loose sheets).

2.)  A page torn out of a stenographer’s note book that held good quotes for use on cards or layouts.  Here is a scan of it – maybe you can make out my scrawling script.  There is a nifty tip to use the Stampin Up slot punch to make large scallops, a mention of scrapodex (check out these Pinterest boards to learn more) and a stamped sentiment from Hero Arts, if memory serves:


3.)  On the opposite side were several websites:
www.thedoodlebuginc.com which is located about an hour from me. This local scrapbook store has moved locations at least twice since I first discovered it, but it is still in business – hurray!

www.bestcraftorganizer.com where I was looking at their stamp pad holders.  I never purchased their PortaInk cases, but instead first used Stampin Up carousels and now the Pro Ink Organizer from www.organizemore.com

www.crafterscompanion.com with a (now long expired) coupon code for 30% off the “enveloper” and a free DVD with a $25 order; I did bite on this offer but have used the enveloper maybe once in the all time I have had it.  Now they have an “ultimate tool” which includes this same functionality.
4.)  Notes for an old 10 on the 10th blog post (a blogging prompt from Shimelle), that never appeared on my blog with notes for adding interest to layouts, including
using brads in the shape of a flourish, leaves or petals,
dressing up letters in your title by filling in stamped or die-cut shapes with glitter or other media,
coloring staples with Sharpies,
and making big flowers with ribbon.
There was also a short list of tips/tricks, such as:
using waxed dental floss to separate adhered cardstock, which I did a lot before discovering Undo,
heating Snail adhesive with a heat gun to release, which I never attempted before discovering Undo,
sticking a glue dot on the plastic liner on Mementos gold ink pad to keep it attached to the lid,
substituting drywall tape for Magic Mesh, which I would never do now; the day I finally used all my Mesh was magic, so no need to undo that,
and using hair clips to hold cords.  (I bought foam twisty ties for this purpose which are rarely used, as I am not into electronic gadgetry.)
5.)  A list of my Stampin Up stamps shortly after I stopped being a Stampin Up demonstrator in 2009. It is an Excel spreadsheet to be exact, I was an accountant, after all.   Is my stock larger or smaller now than then, you ask?  As this is the fifth point in this post, I will take the 5th on this point.

6.)  Notes from a Stampin Up training session about how best to conduct a workshop in order to keep everyone organized and on task.  I need to employ some of those techniques on myself, like keeping projects separated in boxes so they can be moved around easily.
Oh wait, S!  You do not do so well with boxes – letting things hide in there for years!
My current, and dare I say, smarter version of this method uses open trays for kits and projects in process.

7.)  An uncharacteristically short craft store wish list that included:  shrinky dinks, thin cork, and Glubers [spelling corrected].  That certainly dates back, doesn’t it. I don’t know whether the thin cork was crossed off because I purchased it or because I dismissed needing it.  Of the three items on the list, it is the only one I actually still use today.

8.)  A list of 50 ways to use stamps from scrapbook.com, which thanks to the Wayback Machine website, you can see here.

9.)  A vintage clip art printable from Celeste’s blog here, which no longer appears on source cited, and some vintage printable tickets from 2009 that can still be found here.

10.)  An Ina Garten Food Network recipe for Chicken Piccata, which I was tempted to say I was going to scrapbook so that it wouldn’t be quite so random. Just not true.

Based on the other contents of the box, (yes there were a few mementos in there), all this stuff predates 2011. Times change, but I want to believe some of the old knowledge can still be useful. Would it not be grand if you or I could use one of these tips today. Do you have a quick tip/trick – they call them hacks now – to share in the comments or in our Facebook group?

Until next month, I want to leave you smiling with this last bit from depths of that memento box – stickers!

PS  Wish me luck on sorting out my other memento boxes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July Challenge #2--Frame It Up!

This month’s kit contains a cute patterned paper frame. 

The second challenge for this month is to use one or more frames on your project.

 You could use frames made from cardstock or wood veneer, 
or you could make your own from your favorite patterned paper. 

Just frame it up!

Our Guest Designer this month--Megan Blethen--created this fantastic layout using several frames as embellishments. The frames make adorable homes for more embellishments as well as journaling.

Master Forger Lynnette has a confession to make! 
 She didn't have any frames in her kit this month. 
 While she could have made some,
 she knew she had some perfectly perfect frames just winking at her over in her stash.
So, she snatched them up and used them in her kit for this challenge.
You know that's allowed, right?
Your kit...your layout...your rules!

Here's what Lynnette created using some frames.

The mounted cardstock and patterned paper give the illusion of a frame around the center photo, while the actual chipboard frames serve as a nice little home
 for the flair and a close up of Annie's locket.
Whether you have actual frames in your kit...
 or you smuggle some in...
or you make some...
or you fool the eye with some layering...
hope this inspiration puts you on EASY STREET for the layout you'll make TOMORROW!
It's only a day away!

Kelly used a frame on her page to draw attention to her title. She took a plain cardstock frame and layered it with a sticker, washi tape, and a little twine to make her own custom embellishment.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July Challenge #1--Retail Therapy

The various tags in this month’s inspiration kit brings to mind going shopping. 

For this challenge, tell about your favorite form of retail therapy. 

What do you enjoy purchasing? 

What are your favorite stores? 

Or, if you do not enjoy shopping, tell about that too!

Megan Blethen, our Guest Designer, created this adorable layout about shopping for scrapbook supplies. See more about this page on her blog.

Julene has chosen her daughter's earring collection from ebay.

Leslie loves brain storming on Pinterest before she pays out the cash!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 2017 Mini Kit Reveal

Love this month's inspiration kit, but not entirely sure if you can play along this month? 

Maybe you're not sure if you have the time and energy to play along? 

Maybe you feel like you haven't got quite enough stash to make a full kit? 

Or maybe you're still working with the remnants of last month's inspiration kit and only need a small selection to work with? 

Whatever the reasons, our new mini-kit feature will hopefully help out when time, energy or stash are a little bit lacking! In addition to the main kit reveal on the 1st of the month, we are also creating our own smaller "Mini Kit" versions of the inspiration kit, along with some ideas for using them up quickly!

Here's this month’s inspiration kit, Walden Pond from Cocoa Daisy—a sunny, bright, and fun collection.

Kits can either be simply smaller versions of the main kit, or they can be specifically aimed to use as card kits, mini album kits, pocket style albums or planners. 

It's entirely up to you. 

And you can use the mini-kit option whenever you like, such as when--
You're still loving (and creating with) an older kit, but want to play along each month.
You don't have enough stash that suits the new inspiration kit. 
You're busy, but still want to feel creative. 
You love the 'Main Kit' but could have taken it in a different direction. Use the mini-kit as way to explore those other options. 
You need *more* kit. Use the mini-kit as an 'add on'. 
In fact, use the mini-kit inspiration in any way that you want! 

Shall we show you what we've been using it for?

Master Forger, Clair, based her mini kit on the colours found in the inspiration kit and chose to work with a stack of 3x4 Pocket Life Cards left over from her Elle's Studio Kits. She added some embellishments, alphas and stamps - and, of course, a fun selection of washi. 

And what did she make? Well, in a break from Pocket Pages, she used the 3x4 Pocket Life Cards to make a cute, little. mini-album full of fun labels, embellishments and a stack of summer memories! 

After Lisa mistakenly created a full kit (!), she then headed to her scraps box and decided to create a mini kit full of leftovers so that she could replenish her card supplies. In the process, she sorted out a whole lot of scraps for her niece, threw a lot away and saw the bottom of her scrap box again! You can get all the details over on her blog.

Here's her mini kit which was based mostly on the colours of the papers and roughly around the patterns featured. A mix of mini elements were added in from her die cut bowls and the letters from the original kit were thrown in for good measure.

These supplies were used then to make a dozen quick and easy cards. The card bases from the Forgery on the Fourth feature were also added into the mix. Lots of those die cuts, the counterfeited paper, and plenty of the cut apart Crate Paper items were used up for these all occasion cards. There's still a lot left in the kit, more cards might be in the making...

Kelly made a mini kit with just few select papers and embellishments pulled from her main kit.

One of her favorite projects to make with her mini kit is a spread for her Project Life album. She used this kit to create this layout for her 2017 album.

Master Forger Margie made up a bright and summery mini kit-mostly from scraps and partially used packages...she hasn't made a project with it just yet, but you can visit her blog for more details and a little bit about her plans for this fun mini kit:

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Forgery on the Fourth - July 2017

This month's inspiration:

Walden-Pond June 2016 Cocoa Daisy kit

A great color scheme & a nice collection of patterns made this month a fun forage!
Ferret out those funky sayings - I'm searching my stash for cookie fortunes.
Forge the two-toned hearts with an old CKC tutorial found HERE.
A little fussy-cutting might yield the row of houses, squiggles & little birdies.

Let's see what the Design Team has come up with this month:

Megan Blethen, our Guest Designer, created these cute swirls and feathers with her Silhouette Cameo. The swirls mimic the swirl die-cuts from the kit and the feathers are a fun addition to her kit. Check out a complete tutorial on her YouTube channel here.

Kelly also used her Cameo to cut these tags similar to the ones in the inspiration kit. She then added washi tape and patterned paper to the bottom of the tags. 

Lisa surprised herself by coming up with five different items to forge. Of course, nothing works first time for her (!) but the final results are not bad at all. Check out her blog for the full story - you know there's going to be some ups and downs in her process!

The acetate words were the first item that Lisa thought about creating and decided to replicate them on vellum using the print and cut option on her Cameo.

But when she looked at the original kit, there were three items that jumped out at her for easy replication. The hatch design blue/green paper, the yellow paper with white dots and the Pinkfresh Studio paper with the strips of colour and words which turned into two different items.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Just The Gist of the Kit–July 2017


Cocoa Daisy’s Walden Pond kit from June 2016 is our inspiration this month.  There are a variety of papers from different lines included here, something one doesn’t see these days as often as in the past.  But what if we didn’t look so much at the papers and instead focused in on the embellishments this month.


I know, I know, pretties before paper, what craziness!  A recent discussion in the Facebook Community revealed that most of us think of paper first when looking at kits.  But I think this month’s inspiration kit has such varied patterns that maybe we could look at the colors and types of embellishments that are included and let that steer us in pulling together a kit.

For example, that block style alphabet, in 3 colors, no less.  And bold transparency words as well!  Round journal spots and small tags are a staple in everyone’s stash, you surely have those on hand.  A package of die cuts could certainly be the starting point of your kit.  Then sprinkling in a handful of colorful buttons and some baker's twine too.

Personally, I think a peek at their coordinating Day In The Life kit cards can help inspire you to layer by using transparencies, stamps and even letter stickers in creative ways this month.  What do you think?


Does that give you Just The Gist of it?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 2017 Counterfeit Kit Reveal and Blog Hop

Welcome to the July Kit Reveal Blog Hop! We all at Counterfeit Kit Challenge are thrilled that you stopped in to see our new inspiration kit. This is Kelly and I am your guide to this month’s blog hop and challenges.

Lately I have found myself scrapbooking with a lot of pink. And while I LOVE pink, I decided I needed to freshen up my pages with some new color schemes. This month’s inspiration kit is just the ticket! It is the Walden Pond kit from August 2016 at Cocoa Daisy. This collection is jam-packed with bright yellows, blues, and greens—and a wonderful assortment of adorable embellishments!

I love the bold colors, interesting mix of patterns in the paper, and the unique embellishments in this collection. I hope you find plenty of inspiration from this kit--I know I did!

And now I want to introduce you to our July Guest Designer—Megan Blethen.

Hello Scrappy Friends!! Hi, I'm Megan, aka Crafty Meggy. I am a mom to three beautiful, crazy boys and a wife to one amazing husband. To keep my sanity in this house full of boys I scrapbook. I have been scrapbooking since I was a teenager, almost 20 years, and I love the creative outlet it gives me. 

I am so excited to be the guest designer for Counterfeit Kit Club this month!! I have been making more kits from my stash in the last year and it is one of my favorite ways to use up my supplies. 

The inspiration kit was so pretty and full of pieces from Paige Evans' first collection, 'Fancy Free' that I decided to pick a few papers from that collection to start my kit. It evolved from there and I love how it turned out! This first layout was so much fun to make and I think on of my favorites recently. 

I hope that you'll have fun playing along with this kit this month and I look forward to making more layouts!

Megan is a wonderful scrapbooker and has a terrific YouTube channel. You can find her work on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She blogs at Crafty Meggy.

And now, on to the blog hop!

CKC - http://counterfeitkitchallenge.blogspot.com/
Guest Designer - Megan Blethen - http://www.craftymeggy.com/
Julene - http://julenebydesign.blogspot.com
Kelly - http://www.honeysucklehillcrafts.com/
Leslie - http://lcsmithsaved-outofthemire.blogspot.com
Lynnette - http://sassyscrapper2010.blogspot.com
Lisa - http://lisahausmann.blogspot.de

If making a full kit this month is not for you, check back on July 6th with our mini-kit reveal. The Master Forgers will have their smaller takes on this month’s kit.  Also, mark your calendars for July 4th for Forgeries on the Fourth, July 12th for Challenge #1 and July 18th for Challenge #2.

Don't forget to share your kit and projects with us on the Link-up Page, the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Facebook Community Group or on Instagram (@counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitchallenge).

Enjoy creating your own kit this month and thanks so much for stopping by today!